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JYYJ-3E PU Insulation Spray Foam Machine


  1. With 160 cylinder pressurizer, easy to provide sufficient work pressure;
  2. Small size, light weight, low failure rate, easy operation, easy to move;
  3. The most advanced air change mode maximally ensures the equipment stability;
  4. Quadruple raw material filter device maximally reduce blocking issue;
  5. Multiple leakage protection system safeguard operator’s safety;
  6. Emergency switch system fasten the dealing with emergencies;
  7. Reliable and powerful 380v heating system can heat up materials to ideal state rapidly to ensure normal construction in cold region;
  8. Digital display counting system can accurately know about the raw material consumption status in time;
  9. Humanization setting equipment operation panel, easy operation mode;
  10. The latest spray gun has small size, light weight and low failure rate;
  11. The lifting pump has big mix ratio adjusting range, which can easily feed high viscosity material in cold weather.



Power source

1- phase 220V 50HZ

Heating power


Driven mode


Air source

0.5-0.8 MPa ≥0.9m³/min

Raw output

2-12 kg/min

Maximum output pressure


Poly and ISO material output ratio


Spare parts

Spray gun

1 Set

Heating hose

15-120 meters

Spray gun connector

2 m

Accessories box


Instruction book



The spray foaming machine is widely used in embankment waterproof, pipeline corrosion, auxiliary cofferdam, tanks, pipe coating, cement layer protection, wastewater disposal, roofing, basement waterproofing, industrial maintenance, wear-resistant linings, cold storage insulation, wall insulation and so on.

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