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Packing Lists

Main Machine

1 set

Spray Gun Connectors


Spray Gun

1 set

Feed Delivery Pipes

2 set

Feeding Pump

2 set

Air Delivery Pipes

2 set

Heading Pipe

15 meters

Accessories Box

1 set

Main Air Pipe

Connecting air compressor and Main machine

Spray Gun Connectors



Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality assurance for PU spray machines is a steadfast pledge to excellence


Technical Support

Our technical support team is committed to providing customers with efficient and professional technical support to ensure that they can make full use of our products or services and resolve any technical issues they encounter.


Keep Improve

Our continuous improvement services are designed to help customers achieve continuous improvement of business processes, products or services through systematic methods and strategies to continuously improve to meet changing needs and challenges.


Multi-channel Support

We support multiple communication channels including phone, email, online chat and remote support tools. Customers can choose the most convenient contact method based on their preferences.

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