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JYYJ-3H Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine PU Spray Equipment


  1. Pneumatic Boosting Unit: Featuring lightweight, compact design, low failure rate, and simple operation, this device offers convenient mobility and ensures sufficient working pressure.
  2. Advanced Ventilation System: Employing a seamless ventilation method, it guarantees equipment stability during operation.
  3. Raw Material Filtration: Multiple raw material filtration devices mitigate spraying clogs, ensuring smooth usage.
  4. Safety Measures: Multiple leak protection systems prioritize operator safety, and the emergency switch system ensures swift responses to unforeseen situations.
  5. Equipment Usage Precautions: Utilize protective face shields, splash goggles, chemical-resistant clothing, safety gloves, and protective footwear for added safety when using the equipment.



Power source single phase 380V 50HZ
Heating power 9.5KW
Driven mode: pneumatic
Air source 0.5~0.8 MPa ≥0.9m³/min
Raw output 2~10 kg/min
Maximum output pressure 25 Mpa
AB material output ratio 1:1


Insulation spraying: Insulation spraying for interior walls, roofs, cold storage, cabins, carriages, tanks, carriages, refrigerated vehicles, etc.;

Casting: solar water heaters, thermal insulation water tanks, cabins, thermal insulation panels, security doors, refrigerators, pipelines, product packaging, road construction, mold filling, wall sound insulation, etc.;

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