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100 Gallon Horizontal Plate Pneumatic Mixer Stainless Steel Mixer


  1. The fixed horizontal plate is made of carbon steel, the surface is pickled, phosphating, and painted, and two M8 handle screws are fixed at each end of the horizontal plate, so there will be no shaking or shaking when stirring.
  2. The structure of the pneumatic mixer is simple, and the connecting rod and paddle are fixed by screws; it is easy to disassemble and assemble; and the maintenance is simple.
  3. The mixer can run at full load. When it is overloaded, it will only slow down or stop the speed. Once the load is removed, it will resume operation, and the mechanical failure rate is low.
  4. Using compressed air as the power source and air motor as the power medium, no sparks will be generated during long-term operation, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.T
  5. The air motor has a stepless speed regulation function, and the speed can be adjusted easily by adjusting the size and pressure of the intake air.
  6. Can realize forward and reverse operation; forward and reverse can be easily realized by changing the direction of air intake.
  7. It can work continuously and safely in harsh working conditions such as flammable, explosive, high temperature, and high humidity.


Power 3/4HP
Horizontal Board 60cm(customized)
Impeller diameter 16cm or 20cm
Speed 2400RPM
Stirring rod length 88cm
Stirring capacity 400kg


Widely used in coatings, paints, solvents, inks, chemicals, food, beverages, medicines, rubber, leather, glue, wood, ceramics, emulsions, greases, oils, lubricating oils, epoxy resins and other open materials with medium and low viscosity liquids bucket mixingmixer9Video

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