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JYYJ-Q300 Polyurea Spray Foam Machine


  1. Efficient Coating Technology: Our polyurea spray machine utilizes high-pressure spraying technology, ensuring uniform and efficient coating. Its unique design enables high-efficiency automation, enhancing coating quality while minimizing human errors.
  2. Weather Resistance and Durability: Polyurea coating is designed to withstand various weather conditions, exhibiting outstanding weather resistance. Whether it’s UV radiation, extreme temperatures, or acid rain, it ensures long-term surface preservation and stable structural durability.
  3. Environmental Friendliness and Health: Using environmentally friendly polyurea materials, the construction process is eco-friendly, free from harmful volatile substances, providing operators with a zero-burden health environment.
  4. Rapid Drying: Polyurea coating’s rapid drying characteristic increases construction efficiency, shortening project timelines, and saving valuable time.
  5. Excellent Adhesion: Advanced spraying technology ensures outstanding adhesion between the coating and substrate, creating a robust protective layer with strong bonding on various surfaces.
  6. Dust and Waterproof Design: Designed with on-site construction environments in mind, our polyurea spray machine incorporates dust and waterproof features, ensuring stable operation in diverse weather and construction conditions.


Power supply three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ
Total power 15.5KW
Heating power 15KW
Drive mode pneumatic
Air source 0.5~1MPa ≥1m3/min
Raw material output 2~10 kg/min
Maximum output pressure 28Mpa
AB material output ratio 1:1


For spraying:

Desalinated water tanks, water parks, sports stands, high-speed rail, viaducts, industrial and mining equipment, foam sculptures, valves, workshop floors, bulletproof clothing, armored vehicles, tanks, sewage pools, carriages, pipelines, ore washing equipment, exterior walls, interior Walls, roofs, cold storage, cabins, refrigerated trucks, tanks, etc.;

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For pouring:

Water heaters, water tanks, beer tanks, storage tanks, roadbed filling, etc.

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