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Pu Glue Related Matters Needing Attention

1. Crystallization phenomenon at low temperature

B glue will crystallize after being stored for more than 24 hours at temperatures below 15°C, and will disappear if the temperature rises.

If crystallization occurs at low temperature, the glue B can be restored to a clear liquid at a temperature of 40°C to 60°C before use.

2. About allergies

(1) Hand-operated glue may be allergic to certain groups of people, such as those allergic to chemicals.

(2) It is best to wear film gloves during operation, wash hands with soap immediately after operation, and clean the parts that are in contact with the glue.

(3) The glue operation workshop should maintain proper ventilation, and the blower ventilation can be increased, and the vacuum gas extracted by the vacuum pump should be discharged outdoors.

(4) Asthma patients are prohibited from using it.

3. About the preservation and use of glue

(1) The best storage environment is 15°C-25°C and the humidity is less than 65%. If the temperature is too high, the -NCO- in agent B (curing agent) has self-polymerization reaction, and the self-polymerization will be accelerated at high temperature, so that part of it will be polymerized into a trimer to form a network structure, which will affect the toughness of the colloid. The environment with humidity greater than 65% , The -NCO- contained in agent B (curing agent) will quickly react with the -OH of water, thereby reducing the -NCO- content in agent B, making the ratio unbalanced, affecting defoaming, dry surface and cured properties (such as: adhesion, tensile strength, hardness, etc.).

(2) General environment: In the general workshop environment, it can be stored in a sealed and dark place for three months.

(3) When the glue has been opened, it should be used up within one month, and the lid must be closed.

(4) It is recommended that the storage time in the barrel of the glue dropping machine not exceed three days. An air drying filter must be installed at the emptying port of the barrel. Nitrogen is filled to isolate the air. The purpose is to prevent the glue in the tank from absorbing moisture in the air after long-term contact with the air. The moisture absorption of the product will affect the quality of the AB mixed and cured.

(5) During the rainy season from March to May, the operation workshop should pay special attention to the temperature. If the humidity is greater than 80%, it is recommended to dehumidify

4. About washing board

It is recommended to wash the board with alcohol-free washing water, and then bake the board at 60°C for 1 hour or at 80°C for 45 minutes.

5. Glue curing

(1) 25 ℃ constant temperature, 12-18 hours can be cured naturally.

(2) The temperature is lower than 15°C, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it takes 24 to 36 hours to cure;

(3) Heating and curing, 55°C for four hours or 70°C for two hours; when the temperature is low, the heating time can be slightly extended;

(4) When the temperature is too low in winter, the workshop can increase the heater to shorten the curing time.

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